Treasure Earth

Temple of Treasure creates limited edition and hand crafted artisan pieces in alignment with a slow way of producing.

Our deepest value is to give you a deeper connection with the earth and her magical mysteries through our garments.

Creating forever pieces in limited numbers or pre-order based, inspired by traditional craftsmanship, natural dyes and natural fabrics.


Block Printing

The art of block printing has been passed down through many generations in India. The authentic process of making the stamps from teak wood to coloring and printing with the alchemy of plants has made us fall in love with the fabric of India.


However a majority of chemical dyes are toxic, and almost 90% of the block printing communities in India have transitioned to synthetic dyes, so you can imagine it took a while to find a partner who have maintained traditional and natural practices and has the same sustainable values as us.


Ode to Mother-Earth

In collaboration with our partner in Jaipur, India we have designed and created our first two pieces dedicated to our Mother-Earth and her Earth Element with her deep woven groundedness, fertility and abundance. Our Organic Cotton Dress and our soft linen Kimono.

Each piece is woven with care and created with consciousness. The pieces are colored using natural dyes extracted from plant roots, leaves or barks.

They're hand or delicate washable at 30 degrees Celsius and made to last a lifetime of adventure!