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Treasure Earth

Temple of Treasure creates limited edition and hand crafted artisan pieces in alignment with a slow way of producing.

Our deepest value is to give you a deeper connection with the earth and her magical mysteries through our garments.

Creating forever pieces in limited numbers or pre-order based, inspired by traditional craftsmanship, natural dyes and natural fabrics.


Velvet Collection

Working directly with the artisans in Jaipur (India), here is our latest velvet collection. All the products are thoughtfully crafted by our artisans, that create unique pieces in small batches under ethical conditions. The fabrics are mostly organic cotton and are dyed with natural color pigments only, supporting our mission to make slow and sustainable fashion to last.

There are two special kimono designs. One with a bow-tie on the front silhouette and one duster with long strap. The kimono colors vary from purples to greens. Extra options with a contrast silk embroidery trim or golden sunflower paillet are made in my Atelier.

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